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11 May 2017
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H2O Conditions
Fishing conditions, Techniques, and Hatches

Baum Lake

Clear, mid 40s, lake level is normal.

Fishing is good. Good action with midges under an indicator in the morning. As temps rise, look for trout rising to BWO in the main current. A dry dropper with a midge or BWO dropper fished in the main current is deadly when trout are actively feeding. Anchor off the main current working the slots in the weeds. Switch between different dries after they see one for a while. Stripping streamers such as leech patterns can produce fish larger than average along the edges of the weed beds. Use a sink tip to get the fly down in moving water.

Lake woolly buggers/streamers J Fair wiggle tail (olive, brown, burnt orange) BH woolly bugger (black, olive, brown), crystal bugger, mini bugger black/olive, seal bugger (rust, olive, black), hale bopp leach (brown, olive), Mack’s bugger, bunny leach (white), chub minnow (#6-12). BWO/Baetis emerger/dries (Listed elsewhere in report). BWO nymphs (Listed elsewhere in report). Midge pupa (Listed elsewhere in report).

Light fishing pressure. CDAG pg 34

Deer Creek (above Elam Campground down to Ishi Wilderness)

Slight color, low to mid 40s F, high with runoff but should be fishable above Elam and the Meadow.

Fishing is fair to good. High water has not deterred these trout from feeding. Multiple reports of trout along the edges of the current. Water is high and cold but improving. Walking the edges fishing carpenter ants and attractor dries will rise fish. Tight line nymphing with stoneflies and flashy beadhead nymphs will also produce. Best section is from Elam campground to the red bridge (first bridge going north on hwy 32) Access to K-line (transfer) has been closed for some roadwork. Trout stocking on April 23, 30 and May 5 in the put-n-take section above Deer Creek falls.

Attractor dries irresistible adams, parachute light cahill, Rio Grande trude, Pink & lime trude, yellow humpy, parachute adams, hippie stomper, royal coachman, crystal stimulator, renegade, royal wulff, grey wulff, pink cahill, light cahill, royal coachman, para wulff, (#10-18). Ant patterns Deer hair ant, 2 tone Para ant, Cutter’s perfect ant, Schroeder’s parachute ant, hi-vis foam ant, flying ant, fur ant, flying ant (#12-18). Mayfly nymphs (listed elsewhere in report). Beadhead nymphs (listed elsewhere in report). Golden stonefly nymphs (listed elsewhere in report).

Expect moderate fishing pressure around the campgrounds on the weekends. C & R below Deer creek falls Access off Hwy 32 from Deer Creek Bridge to Hwy 36. CDAG pg 42/43.

Fall River (Cal Trout access to Spring Creek Rd)

Clear, good flows, mid 40s F, few weeds starting to show.

Fishing is fair to good. Best fishing will be from late morning to mid-afternoon. Slack line nymph with PMD nymphs, midge pupa, and BWO nymphs under an indicator above spring creek bridge. As the day warms, look for a few rusty spinners late morning. Cover water looking for pods of actively feeding trout. Present the fly with a perfect downstream dead drift. Swinging soft hackles and un-weighted brown and black leach patterns with a sinking line is productive during non hatch periods. Expect the dry fly fishing to improve with warmer air and water temps. Fishing the confluence where Fall meets Tule is also productive with warmer water and better hatches.

BWO/Baetis emerger/dries Brook's KD dun, fluttering mayfly cripple BWO, BWO cripple, BWO captive dun, Brooks CDC dun baetis, hackle stacker BWO, loopwing paradun BWO, parachute BWO, twilight baetis dun day-glo. PMD nymphs BH flash back pheasant tails, Kyle's super flash PMD, Mercer's micro mayfly (brown), Black AP nymph, dark lord, Burk’s crystal HBI, flashy PT (#14-18) Woolly buggers Krystal bugger, beadhead mini-leech, Argentina bugger, J Fair’s wiggle tail, marabou leech (#8-12). Midge pupa glass bead midge (red, black), crystal dip, disco midge, brassie, desert storm, zebra midge (rust, black), WD40 (olive, chocolate) WD50 tungsten (olive/wine) (#18-22).

Expect light to moderate fishing pressure. Pram with electric motor needed. Only public access is from Cal Trout. CDAG pg 35.

Hat Creek (PH#2 to fish barrier)

Green, low to mid 40s F, good flow.

Fishing is good. Best reports are from powerhouse 2 but it’s also the most crowded section, especially on the weekends. Consider above and below highway 299 crossing. Best tactic is dry/dropper suspending a BWO nymph or small stonefly under an attractor dry that can support the weight of the nymph. Work the edges, riffles and weed beds. Sight fishing the flats with BWO, brown drake and green drake dries with a long leader and a down stream drift is a challenge but incredibly rewarding when it works. Stealth and an excellent dead drift is essential to get the eat. A couple salmonflies reported so prospecting with the big dry in the evening might find some eaters.

Golden stonefly nymphs jumbo john, Poxyback golden stone nymph, Mercer's poxyquill golden stone, beadhead twenty incher, copper back, Burglar stone golden, tungsten golden stone (#8-12), 2 bit golden stone. BWO/Baetis emerger/dries Brook's KD dun, fluttering mayfly cripple BWO, BWO cripple, BWO captive dun, Brooks CDC dun baetis, hackle stacker BWO, loopwing paradun BWO, parachute BWO, twilight baetis dun day-glo. Midge pupa (listed elsewhere in report).

Expect large crowds at the PH#2 riffle. To escape the crowds, try fishing below Carbon Flat or the Hwy 299 bridge. CDAG pg 34.

Hot Creek

Off color to clear, low to mid 40s F, 100 cfs.

Fishing is fair. Too cold for caddis but midges in the morning followed by BWO midday. Switch between BWO dries, emergers and a dry with a nymph dropper to find what the fish will take. Indicator nymphing with small mayfly nymphs and midges are productive when fish are not rising. Weeds are down making nymphing more productive than we’ve seen in years. The bulk of the runoff has yet to start.

Midge pupa glass bead midge (red, black), crystal dip, disco midge, brassie, desert storm, zebra midge (rust, black), WD40 (olive, chocolate) WD50 tungsten (olive/wine) (#18-22). BWO/Baetis emerger/dries Brook's KD dun, fluttering mayfly cripple BWO, BWO cripple, BWO captive dun, Brooks CDC dun baetis, hackle stacker BWO, loopwing paradun BWO, parachute BWO, twilight baetis dun day-glo. BWO/Baetis nymphs (listed elsewhere in report).

Expect moderate fishing pressure on weekends. Access at upper parking lot and fish downstream to the hot springs. CDAG pg 77.

McCloud River (below McCloud Reservoir)

Good clarity, mid 50's, normal flow (562 cfs at Ah-Di-Na)

Fishing is good. Even though flows are high, reports are good. Not a lot of wading or crossing but trout are hungry! Fish the edges where there is a break in the current with salmon flies, golden stones and carpenter ants. High stick nymphing along the edges with golden stone nymphs and attractor beadhead nymphs will also produce trout behind boulders and back eddies. High flows tends to concentrate trout along the edges where they don’t have to work so hard. Stripping big streamers and entice rainbows and browns to eat with vengeance. Expect hatches of PMD’s and spring caddis as temps rise. Ah-di-nah campground is open.

March brown nymphs/dries Hogan’s march brown nymph, March brown emerger, copper john, beadhead flash back pheasant tail, march brown spotlight emerger, spun dun, march brown parachute, march brown cripple, PT challenged, March Brown dun (#12). Golden stonefly dries (listed elsewhere).  River woolly buggers/streamers (listed elsewhere). Attractor beadhead nymphs (listed elsewhere). BWO/Baetis emerger/dries (listed elsewhere). Ant patterns (listed elsewhere). PMD emergers/cripples/dries (listed elsewhere).

Moderate fishing pressure. Access below McCloud Reservoir. NCDAG 36.

Oroville Lake

Slight tint, mid to high 60’s F.

Fishing is good. Water temps have increased, and bass are pre-spawn and aggressive. Fish back bays in order to block out the wind. Best fishing access is by boat. Be sure to fish edges, structure such as rocks, and logs to locate spotted and smallmouth bass. Look to target bass sitting on spawning beds. Stripping a weighted fly along the shore will trigger a strike. Suspend balanced leeches, tui-chubs, and minnow patterns under an indicator. Make sure to pause between strips. Another method is using a sink tip with weighted flies in order to reach deeper water along ledges. Fishing poppers in back bays where water enters the lake is good for a big blowup. Guided trips available through Fish First Fly Shop!

Bass subsurface flies Hogan puff-claw dad, bluegill, Wyatt's rattle shad, Wyatt's rattle rainbow, Cutter’s goblin, rag sculpin, zonker, woolhead sculpin, blossom, Double bunny, blossom,  Cowen’s coyote, Whitlock’s scorpion, garage door opener (rust, chartreuse), Burk's bass flash, Clouser Darter, flexi-tail bunny, baby smallmouth (#2-10), Balanced Leaches.

Expect light pressure with a lot of lake to fish. Access at Lime Saddle and Bidwell Marina. CDAG pg.51

Owens River (upper)

Off color below Hot Creek, 95 cfs as of 5/11, low 40’s

Fishing is Fair. Water is fluctuating with runoff. Fish are finicky. Nymphing is your best bet. Switch between different beadhead nymphs to find what they will eat. Enticing trout from cut banks swinging streamers can produce a few fish. No dry fly action.

Woolly buggers Krystal bugger, beadhead mini-leech, Argentina bugger, J Fair’s wiggle tail, marabou leech (#8-12). Beadhead nymphs (listed elsewhere in report).

Fishing pressure on weekends. CDAG. 87

Pyramid Lake (NV)

Slightly tinted, high 40’s to low 50’s.

Fishing is good. Reports of good numbers through out the day with some in double digits. Cover water to find pods of trout cruising the shoreline. Cold, windy days and churned up water are producing huge Lohanton Cutts cruising the shallows aggressively eating blood midges flashy beadhead nymphs and balanced leaches under an indicator. Tandem flies that are tossed around by choppy water will pick up cruising fish. Tip: Trout will sometimes hug the bank. Be sure to look for cruisers behind your ladder. Another popular method is using a fast sinking shooting head to get pyramid buggers down along the drop-offs.

Pyramid Flies woolly worms, Pyramid buggers (black/purple, chartreuse/white, Olive, black), Pyramid snail (black/purple, chartreuse/white, Olive, black). (#8-12) Blood Midge Pupae bead brain blood midge, desert storm. WD 40 red, red brassie, disco midge red, red and copper zebra midge (#10-14). Attractor  nymphs (listed elsewhere in report).

Expect heavy fishing pressure. Access at Sutcliff, Pelican, windless. NAG pg 34.

Sacramento River, Lower (below Keswick Reservoir)

4-5’ visibility, low to mid 50s, low flow (13,000 cfs).

Fishing is good. Fishing is best from a boat at these higher summer flows. Trout are actively feeding on BWO, spring caddis, stoneflies and the remainder of the yellow sucker eggs in the morning. Concentrate on flats above riffles and flats below riffles where fish are dropping eggs. As temps rise, switch to baetis nymphs under a caddis pupa in riffles. Caddis and march browns are hatching on warm days. Some opportunities for fishing to rising fish but the best is yet to come. Swinging soft hackles with small switch rods or a single hand rod with a sink tip is producing some nice trout in riffles. Swallows are the key! Find the swallows, swinging will be productive. Good PMD hatch at 10am and 4pm. Spring is the prime time to hit this river.

Golden stonefly nymphs jumbo john, Morrish cone stone, Morrish WMD, Mercer’s raghead, Poxyback golden stone nymph, Mercer's poxyquill golden stone, micro cable stone, beadhead twenty incher, copper back, Pat’s Rubberleg. BWO/Baetis emerger/dries Brook's KD dun, Mercers emerging poxyback bwo, fluttering mayfly cripple BWO, Harrop captive dun, BWO extended body, Brooks CDC dun baetis, hackle stacker BWO, loopwing paradun, olive hatch master, parachute BWO, twilight baetis dun day-glo, BWO CDC transitional dun, Brook's sprout baetis, quill body baetis cripple, Harrop's CDC BWO emerger, Quigley’s loopy cripple stacker, Burk’s silhouette (#16-20). Attractor beadhead nymphs and BWO/Baetis nymphs and Egg patterns and Caddis cripples/dries (listed elsewhere).

Drift boat fishing is provides best access. NCDAG pg 46, 57. New CDAG pg. 41

Other Reports

Other Reports Crowley Lake Water is clear and fish are holding in 16-22’ of water. Best fishing is away from tributaries where water is cold. Iced out and docks are in. Move around to find fish using sonar. If no fish are found, move on. Davis Lake (Portola) Mostly iced out. Currently at 109% capacity. Access is tough with lots of deep mud on the roads. Most of the trout remain on the east side. As temps rise, trout will migrate to the west side around Cow Creek. Feather River (Hwy 70 bridge to Gridley) It’s going to be a while. Currently flowing above 30,000 cfs. Off color and dangerous! Shad are in the system but dirty water and high flows make fishing difficult. North Fork of the Feather below Beldon. It’s going to be a while. Currently flowing at over 6,000 cfs all the way down to Lake Oroville. Tributaries are fishing with very little pressure. Lower Stanislaus River is roaring over 4,596 cfs at Orange Blossom bridge and currently unfishable. Manzanita Lake (Lassen) Officially iced out! Fishing midges on a long leader with a super slow retrieve or targeting rising trout with midges and baetis is productive. Best fished with pram or drift boat. Mill Creek is flowing at 668 cfs at Los Molinos with water temperatures at 52 degrees. Too high to fish right now but stoneflies and beadhead nymph can produce some nice trout along the edges when flows recede around 300 cfs. Pit River #3,#4, #5 (below Lake Britton to Big Bend) Currently 512 cfs below Pit 3 dam. High but fishable in some spots. Be careful when wading. Nymphing stoneflies along the edges and stripping streamers in backwater, pools and seams can produce. Flows are over 3,000 cfs below Pit 4 and over 4,000 cfs at Bend. Putah Creek is fishing fair. Flows are currently 325 cfs. Possible to fish the edges but difficult to land fish in high flows. Fish midges in the morning. Look for trout rising to baetis along the edges where there is a break in the current midday. Sacramento River, Upper (above Lake Shasta) Currently at 2,240 cfs at delta. Dangerous wading but nymphing along the edges in slow water will find trout with stoneflies and march brown nymphs. Hard to find rising fish with high cold water. Truckee River (Trout Creek to Stateline) is poor. Currently 1,990 cfs in Truckee and 4,960 cfs below Boca. Reports of some big browns on streamers in backwater. Yuba River, Lower (near Highway 20 Bridge) Currently flowing at 9,602 cfs below Englebright. Water temperature is 49 degrees. No good reports. Walker River, East Fork (below Bridgeport Reservoir) Water temps are low and fish are sluggish in the morning. Currently at 836 cfs. It’s high but fishable in a few spots. Access is difficult.  Fishing will improve with warmer weather.

River Striper Report - (Sacramento River) Good reports from conventional anglers in high flows and turbid water. Fly bite with whistlers and clousers should be great with so much backwater opened up with crazy high flows. Going to be a great year fishing smallmouth in backwater and oxbows. (Feather River) Flows are high and water is turbid below Woodson bridge. Reports of conventional anglers around Boyd’s Pump and Star Bend. (Yuba) No Reports.

Shad Report A few reports from anglers bouncing shad darts off their noses. Shad are in the river but turbid water below Woodson bridge is making it tough. Should be a good year with higher flows and colder water. Fishing a 225-300 grain fast sink shooting head with Rio’s Grip Shooter running line will hook shad on the swing, stripped in, or jigged off the back of a boat in slower back eddies where shad can find relief from the current.

WH&WN™ FREE flyfishing report would not be possible without the help of: Craig Nielsen/Shasta Trout Guide Service, Jordan Romney (Putah Fly Fishing Guide), Victor Babbit/Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters/Tahoe, Jerry/The Troutfitter/Mammoth Lakes, Ted Fay Flyshop/Dunsmuir, Greg/Sweeny’s sport shop, Andy/Kiene's Fly Shop/Sacramento, Richard Hardy-Davis report, Ken’s Sporting Goods/Scott Freeman-EW report. Special thanks to all the WH&WN™ subscribers who have submitted their fishing reports for the fisheries listed in WH&WN, you help keep us honest, accurate, and up-to-date.

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