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14 June 2017
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H2O Conditions
Fishing conditions, Techniques, and Hatches

Baum Lake

Clear, low 50s, lake level is normal.

Fishing is good. Midges under an indicator pre-hatch in the current will get good action in the morning. As caddis and mayflies start hatching midday, switch to a BWO or caddis dry targeting rising trout. Overcast days are predominantly mayflies and warm days are predominantly caddis. Anchor off the main current working the slots in the weeds. Switch between different dries after they see one for a while. Look for hatches of Callibaetis in the afternoon. Stripping streamers such as leech patterns can produce fish larger than average along the edges of the weed beds. Use a sink tip to get the fly down in moving water. Warm weather will increase the caddis hatch.

Caddis cripples/dries Hogan’s last call caddis, Henryville, Brook's headlight, elk hair caddis (brown, tan, olive), Cutter's E/C, Overly's spotlight (tan, olive), Hemingway, Goddard caddis, hot butt peacock caddis, peacock caddis, Lawson's E-Z caddis, Fox’s crowning poopah olv/cinn, Kyle’s better foam caddis (#12-20), Hopper Stone Tan (#6,8). Lake woolly buggers/streamers J Fair wiggle tail (olive, brown, burnt orange) BH woolly bugger (black, olive, brown), crystal bugger, mini bugger black/olive, seal bugger (rust, olive, black), hale bopp leach (brown, olive), Mack’s bugger, bunny leach (white), chub minnow (#6-12). BWO/Baetis emerger/dries (Listed elsewhere in report). BWO nymphs (Listed elsewhere in report). Midge pupa (Listed elsewhere in report).

Light fishing pressure. CDAG pg 34

Davis Lake (near Portola off Hwy 70)

Clear, low to mid 50s F, lake is full.

Fishing is fair. Damsels are starting to show along with some blood midges. Fishing is not as consistent as they were when water levels were low last year. With high water, trout are feeding in deep water on weed bed edges. Get down with buggers when no fish are actively feeding on the surface.  Fish the edges where trout are cruising the shoreline for damsels. Best reports from Cow Creek and Jenkins Cove. Look for callibaetis hatching in the afternoon when the wind is down.

Damsel fly nymphs/dries Burk’s sierra damsel (tan, olive), mono eye damsel, no name damsel, foam swimming damsel, Stalcup’s ultra damsel, J Fair wiggle tail nymph (olive, fiery brown), adult blue damsel, Burk’s adult damsel, horny damsel, damsel dragon (#12-16). Blood midge pupa red brassie, disco midge red, red and copper zebra midge, red copper john, red headed step child, chirono cones (#12-14). Attractor beadhead nymphs and Lake woolly buggers/streamers and Caddis cripples/dries (listed elsewhere).

Moderate to high fishing pressure. Coves may be busy during the weekends NCDAG pg 70. Tributaries around Davis lake open Saturday preceding Memorial Day to Nov. 15th.

Deer Creek (above Elam Campground down to Ishi Wilderness)

Slight color, low to mid 40s F, high with runoff but fishable.

Fishing is good. Flows are perfect and trout are active. Best fishing access is the meadow down to Red Bridge (first bridge going north on Hwy 32) where wading access and water conditions are good. Trout are active mid-morning on when the sun has warmed the water. On windy days, try terrestrial patterns such as carpenter ants along the bushes. Attractor dries will also rise fish. Nymphing deep pools with stoneflies and bead head nymphs will produce. Another tactic in pocket water is a dry dropper. These wild fish are healthy and the creek will continue to fish well all summer.

Attractor dries irresistible adams, parachute light cahill, Rio Grande trude, Pink & lime trude, yellow humpy, parachute adams, hippie stomper, royal coachman, crystal stimulator, renegade, royal wulff, grey wulff, pink cahill, light cahill, royal coachman, para wulff, (#10-18). Ant patterns Deer hair ant, 2 tone Para ant, Cutter’s perfect ant, Schroeder’s parachute ant, hi-vis foam ant, flying ant, fur ant, flying ant (#12-18). Mayfly nymphs (listed elsewhere in report). Beadhead nymphs (listed elsewhere in report). Golden stonefly nymphs (listed elsewhere in report).

Expect moderate fishing pressure around the campgrounds on the weekends. C & R below Deer creek falls Access off Hwy 32 from Deer Creek Bridge to Hwy 36. CDAG pg 42/43.

Fall River (Cal Trout access to Spring Creek Rd)

Clear, good flows, mid 40s F.

Fishing is fair to good. Trout are spreading out and moving back down river below the Spring Creek Bridge. Best fishing will be from late morning to mid-afternoon. Slack line nymph with PMD nymphs, midge pupa, and BWO nymphs under an indicator. Look for a rusty spinners late morning. Cover water looking for pods of actively feeding trout. Present the fly with a perfect downstream dead drift. Try swinging a callibaetis soft hackle and un-weighted brown and black leech patterns with a sinking line in the afternoon. Dry fly fishing is just starting and will improve as weather warms in coming weeks. Hex will be starting soon around the confluence where Fall meets Tule and progressing up stream.

PMD nymphs BH flash back pheasant tails, Kyle's super flash PMD, Mercer's micro mayfly (brown), Black AP nymph, dark lord, Burk’s crystal HBI, flashy PT (#14-18) Woolly buggers Krystal bugger, beadhead mini-leech, Argentina bugger, J Fair’s wiggle tail, marabou leech (#8-12). Midge pupa glass bead midge (red, black), crystal dip, disco midge, brassie, desert storm, zebra midge (rust, black), WD40 (olive, chocolate) WD50 tungsten (olive/wine) (#18-22). Hexagenia cripples/dries Quigley’s Hex cripple, Mercer’s poxyback hex cripple, Water’s foam hex, Bear’s foam hex, (#6-8). BWO/Baetis emerger/dries and Caddis cripples/dries (listed elsewhere).

Expect light to moderate fishing pressure. Pram with electric motor needed. Only public access is from Cal Trout. CDAG pg 35.

Feather River, N.F. (Cresta powerhouse to Lake Oroville)

Slight tint, low 50s F, 412 cfs below Rock Creek 890 below Grizzly Creek and 1030 below Poe. Check flows at WWW.Dreamflows.com.

Fishing is good. Flows are good around Rock Creek. Flows are still high below Grizzly Creek and Poe Powerhouse. Nymph stoneflies, caddis pupa and general attractor beadheads in pocket water and pools. Be sure to use enough split shot to get flies down in higher water. Best dry fly action is in the evening when trout are feeding on caddis, stoneflies and yellow sallies in pocket water. Good reports up Caribou Rd! Huge winter flows have cleared out some of the brush that makes access difficult. Tributaries such as; Yellow Creek, Rock Creek and Grizzly Creek are fishing well.

Golden stonefly dries Hogan’s split-wing stone, hedgehog, Hogan’s hangin stimi, crystal stimulator, yellow humpy, rubber-legged stimulator, Rogue foam golden stone, Gould’s half down golden, Sloan’s paralyzer, Carlson’s egg sack stone (#8-12). BWO nymphs Hogan’s S&M nymph, Hogan’s better baetis, berry nymph in gooseberry, Burk’s crystal hunchback, Hogan’s olive military may, Mercer's BWO trigger nymph, Kyle's beerhead baetis, tailwater tiny, flashy pheasant tail, Sloan’s mighty may. PMD emergers/cripples/dries and Attractor beadhead nymphs and Midge pupa and Golden stonefly nymphs, Caddis cripples/dries (listed elsewhere).

Expect light fishing pressure. Access along Hwy 70. Open to fishing from Cresta powerhouse to lake Oroville. NCDAG pg 59. CDAG pg 51.

Hat Creek (PH#2 to fish barrier)

Green, low to mid 40s F, good flow.

Fishing is good to excellent. Best reports are from PH 2 but it’s also the most crowded section, especially on the weekends. PH2 riffle provides excellent PMD, caddis. yellow sallie and stonefly hatches that are also below the Hwy 299 bridge. This section offers access to cut banks, logs and breaks in the current where trout hold. Fishing golden stones along the edges will bring out big trout from cut banks. Covering water and matching the hatch sight fishing will produce some good opportunities for big trout. A dry with a small dropper will produce. Best of the hatch is in the evening when the sun is off the water.

BWO/Baetis emerger/dries Brook's KD dun, fluttering mayfly cripple BWO, BWO cripple, BWO captive dun, Brooks CDC dun baetis, hackle stacker BWO, loopwing paradun BWO, parachute BWO, twilight baetis dun day-glo. Green drake dries Green Drake parachute (#10), Neally's green drake, Brook's sprout green drake. Callibaetis dries sparkle dun, captive dun, CDC callibaetis transitional dun, Brook's CDC dun callibaetis, fluttering mayfly callibaetis, CDC biot comparadun, callibaetis extended body, Quigley’s flashwing cripple, callibaetis cripple, Brook's sprout callibaetis, hackle stacker callibaetis, loopwing callibaetis, parachute adams, Callibaetis extended body (#14-16). Golden stonefly nymphs and Midge pupa (listed elsewhere in report).

Expect large crowds at the PH#2 riffle. To escape the crowds, try fishing below Carbon Flat or the Hwy 299 bridge. CDAG pg 34.

Little Truckee

Slight tint. Low to mid 50's. Moderate flow (504 cfs)

Fishing is fair. Hatches include midges in the morning followed by PMD's midday and smaller caddis and drakes in the evening. Fish are most active during the PMD and caddis hatch but also try a carpenter and along the edges. You need a drag free drift to fool these educated trout. Present flies with a downstream reach mend. Flows are high. Seek spots where there is a break in the current.

BWO/Baetis emerger/dries (listed elsewhere) Midge pupa (listed elsewhere), PMD emergers /cripples/ dries (listed elsewhere). Caddis pupa/ emergers (listed elsewhere).

Moderate fishing pressure, especially on weekends. Fish between Boca and Stampede Reservoirs. NCDAG 81.

McCloud River (below McCloud Reservoir)

Good clarity, mid 50's, normal flow (253 cfs at Ah-Di-Na)

Fishing is good to excellent. This is primetime on the Mac! Look for trout feeding on PMD’s around 10 am and again at 5pm. Caddis pupa fish well in the morning under a dry fly or nymphed in the pocket water. Best of the best is the evening hatch with trout seeking golden stones. Evening hatches will be different depending on where you are. Potentially caddis, PMD’s, golden stones or everything at once with trout selectively keying on something specific. Great time of the year to strip streamers in pocket water. Cover water to find an eager streamer eater. Switch from big/small and light/dark to find the right streamer.

Golden stonefly nymphs jumbo john, Poxyback golden stone nymph, Mercer's poxyquill golden stone, beadhead twenty incher, copper back, Burglar stone golden, tungsten golden stone (#8-12), 2 bit golden stone. Golden stonefly dries (listed elsewhere).  River woolly buggers/streamers (listed elsewhere). Attractor beadhead nymphs (listed elsewhere). BWO/Baetis emerger/dries (listed elsewhere). Ant patterns (listed elsewhere). PMD emergers/cripples/dries (listed elsewhere). Caddis pupa/ emergers (listed elsewhere).

Moderate fishing pressure. Access below McCloud Reservoir. NCDAG 36.

Owens River (Upper)

Off color below Hot Creek, 138 cfs, mid to high 40’s

Fishing is Fair. Flows are currently fluctuating due to runoff. Best fishing is by long ears where clearer water and lower flows allow more accessibility. Fish are not actively rising to dries. Best tactic producing fish is nymphing bead headed nymphs under an indicator to cover more water. Be sure to change bead headed nymphs often to find what trout will eat. Enticing trout by swinging streamers from cut banks is another tactic that produces.

Woolly buggers Krystal bugger, beadhead mini-leech, Argentina bugger, J Fair’s wiggle tail, marabou leech (#8-12). Beadhead nymphs (listed elsewhere in report).

Fishing pressure on weekends. CDAG. 87

Oroville Lake

Slight tint, mid to high 60’s F.

Fishing is good. Expect the top water bite to be on until noon and then again in the evening. After the top water bite slows, switching to a balanced leech or balanced minnow pattern under an indicator has been producing aggressive bass. In order to avoid wind be sure to fish back bays. Fishing the mouth of tributaries are great spots that produce fish for all fishing tactics. Fish edges and structures such as rock walls, logs, and bass on spawning beds. Another tactic is stripping weighted small clouser patterns with a sinking line. Pausing often between strips is key.

Bass subsurface flies Hogan puff-claw dad, bluegill, Wyatt's rattle shad, Wyatt's rattle rainbow, Cutter’s goblin, rag sculpin, zonker, woolhead sculpin, blossom, Double bunny, blossom,  Cowen’s coyote, Whitlock’s scorpion, garage door opener (rust, chartreuse), Burk's bass flash, Clouser Darter, flexi-tail bunny, baby smallmouth (#2-10), balance leeches.

Best fishing access is by boat. Expect light pressure with a lot of lake to fish. Access at Lime Saddle and Bidwell Marina. CDAG pg.51

Pit River #3,#4, #5 (below Lake Britton to Big Bend)

Green to brown tint, low 50s F, 398 on Pit #3 but somewhat high, 601 cfs on Pit #4 and 2248 cfs on Pit #5.

Fishing is good. Nymphing with stones and black nymphs are producing some nice fish in Pit #3 stretch. Flows are still too high on Pit 4 and 5. High stick nymph or indicator nymph pocket water with plenty of weight to get the flies down. These trout love fast water so the key is to target sections where boulders provide cover and they love to hide. The bite slows down in the afternoon heat. In the evening nymphing improves again. Stripping streamers with a sink tip in tailouts and pocket water can also produce large rainbows. Golden stones, yellow sallies and caddis hatches will improve as temps rise.

River woolly buggers/streamers J Fair wiggle tail (olive, brown, burnt orange) BH woolly bugger (black, olive, brown), crystal bugger, mini bugger black/olive, seal bugger (rust, olive, black), hale bopp leach (brown, olive), Mack’s bugger, bunny leach (white), chub minnow (#6-12). Golden stonefly nymphs jumbo john, Morrish cone stone, Morrish WMD, Mercer’s raghead, Poxyback golden stone nymph, Mercer's poxyquill golden stone, micro cable stone, beadhead twenty incher, copper back, Pat’s Rubberleg. Caddis pupa/emergers and Attractor beadhead nymphs and BWO nymphs and Golden stonefly dries (listed elsewhere).

Low fishing pressure on 3, no pressure on 4. Access below Lake Britton or from Big Bend. Studded boots and a wading staff are a must for fishing the Pit. New flow regiment makes wading very tough. NCDAG pg 47. New CDAG pg. 34.

Sacramento River, Lower (below Keswick Reservoir)

4-5’ visibility, low to mid 50s, low flow (10,000 cfs).

Fishing is good. Trout are actively feeding on BWO’s, PMD’s, spring caddis, and stonefly nymphs. In the morning, trout are keying in on caddis and PMD’s on the flats and in riffles. Swinging tandem soft hackles in riffles with a sink tip will produce fish before and after a hatch. Midday, nymph stonefly nymphs, PMD’s, and caddis pupa under an indicator. Be sure to use enough split show in order to get flies down. Look for trout off the main current of riffles where big trout are sitting. In the evening, be sure to look for fish rising to PMD’s at 4pm in riffles and on the flats. Best fishing access is from a boat. Expect hatches to improve as temps increase.

Golden stonefly nymphs jumbo john, Morrish cone stone, Morrish WMD, Mercer’s raghead, Poxyback golden stone nymph, Mercer's poxyquill golden stone, micro cable stone, beadhead twenty incher, copper back, Pat’s Rubberleg. BWO/Baetis emerger/dries Brook's KD dun, Mercers emerging poxyback bwo, fluttering mayfly cripple BWO, Harrop captive dun, BWO extended body, Brooks CDC dun baetis, hackle stacker BWO, loopwing paradun, olive hatch master, parachute BWO, twilight baetis dun day-glo, BWO CDC transitional dun, Brook's sprout baetis, quill body baetis cripple, Harrop's CDC BWO emerger, Quigley’s loopy cripple stacker, Burk’s silhouette (#16-20). Attractor beadhead nymphs and BWO/Baetis nymphs and Egg patterns and Caddis cripples/dries (listed elsewhere).

Water above Hwy 44 is currently closed until Aug 1st. Drift boat fishing is provides best access. NCDAG pg 46, 57. New CDAG pg. 41

Sacramento River, Upper (Lake Siskiyou to Lake Shasta)

Clear, mid 50’sF. Low flow (800 cfs at Delta).

Fishing is fair to good. Wading access is slowly but surely improving as flows steadily drop everyday in small increments. Fishing seams and edges is key in order to find fish due to the high flows. In the morning, fishing small attractor dries will rise trout. When the sun gets out, switching to attractor nymphs under an indicator along the seams and edges where there is a break in the current will produce. Be sure to use enough split shot to get flies down. Evening dry fly fishing is starting. Golden stones, caddis and PMD are coming out and will improve very soon.

Attractor beadhead nymphs and Little yellow stonefly nymphs and PMD emergers/cripples/dries Caddis pupa/ emergers and Golden stonefly nymphs (listed elsewhere).

Expect moderate fishing pressure. Be careful when wading. Access to Mossbrae falls at Scarlet Way is posted no parking. NCDAG 36, 46.

Truckee River (Trout Creek to CA Stateline)

Green to clear, low 50’s. moderate to high flow (1,780 cfs near Truckee, 2,570 cfs below Boca).

Fishing is fair. Flows are high with ok visibility due to runoff. Best fishing is midday to evening when the sun warms the water. Nymphing green drakes, BWO’s, PMD’s, and stoneflies under an indicator in seams and edges will produce. In the evening, look for trout rising to caddis and PMD’s. Stripping big streamers along the edges has been producing nice trout. Fishing on the Truckee will continue to improve as flows recede and water begins to clear.

PMD emergers/cripples/dries Lawson's PMD emerger, fluttering mayfly cripple PMD, last chance PMD cripple, Quigley’s Hat Creek PMD emerger, Brook's KD dun PMD, loopwing paradun PMD, Brook's sprout PMD, PMD biot comparadun, hackle stacker PMD, PMD hair wing dun, PMD sparkle dun, PMD parachute (#14-18). Green drake nymphs tungsten hunchback green drake nymph, Poxyback green drake, Quigley’s crown jewel, black AP, prince nymph (#8-10).River woolly buggers/streamers (listed elsewhere). Attractor beadhead nymphs (listed elsewhere in report). Caddis pupa/emergers (listed elsewhere).

Expect moderate fishing pressure. Access along Hwy 89 down through Hirshdale. NCDAG 81.

Other Reports

Other Reports Putah Creek Fishing is good. Flows are not bad (400-500cfs) and access is ok after the high winter flows. Black midges and olive nymphs are producing some nice trout. Try it now before flows get too high. Crowley Lake Water temps are 54 degrees on the bottom. Fish are spread out. Midging off the bottom is the most common tactic on Crowley. Cover lots of water to find fish. Feather River, Middle Fork (Graeagle downstream) Flows are receding! Currently 569 cfs below Sloat Creek. No current reports. Water is still cold but warm afternoons can produce some good evening hatches. Feather River (Hwy 70 bridge to Gridley) 4,300 in the low flow section with another 700 cfs coming out the outlet making the high flow section 5,000 cfs. Flows are high but I have received a few reports of anglers hooking a few healthy spring steelhead in the low flow section. Fishing sucker eggs, caddis pupas and beadhead nymphs in riffles and tailouts where steelhead will find a break in the current. Hot Creek Water is high and off color due to runoff. Nymphing with bright flashy flies will produce a few fish on the edges but no evening hatch to speak of. Lower Stanislaus River is roaring over 3,344 cfs at Orange Blossom bridge and currently unfishable. Manzanita Lake (Lassen) Fishing midges on a long leader with a super slow retrieve or targeting rising trout with midges and baetis is productive in the morning. On warm days, look for trout rising to spring caddis along the edges. Expect Callibaetis starting to hatch in the afternoon as temperatures rise. Best fished with pram or drift boat. Mill Creek is flowing at 362 cfs at Los Molinos with water temperatures at 59 degrees. Too high to fish right now but stoneflies and beadhead nymph can produce some nice trout along the edges when flows recede around 300 cfs. Yuba River, Lower (near Highway 20 Bridge) Reports are fair. Currently flowing at 3,664 cfs below Englebright. Water temperature is 49 degrees. Hatches are sparse and fish are spread out. Covering water nymphing breaks in the current with stoneflies, caddis pupas and midges will produce a few fish. Walker River, East Fork (below Bridgeport Reservoir) Currently at 795 cfs. It’s high but fishable in a few spots. Hooking fish in back eddies and off the main current is possible but landing fish when they get in the current is extremely difficult.  Fishing will improve when flows recede.

River Striper Report - Sacramento River Good reports around incoming water and backwater where tribs enter the Sac. Fish whistlers and clousers on a fast sinking shooting head. Schoolies are easy to find. Search ambush points and outside bends to find stripers over 5 pounds. Feather River Reports of Stripers around Shanghai Bend and Boyd’s pump. Fish points and breaks in the current where stripers ambush prey. Yuba River Best fishing is from the mouth of the Yuba up for two miles. Water is off color but fishing the best. Fish a fast sinking shooting head with bright silver and chartreuse clousers and whistlers. Be sure to get flies deep to find big stripers.

Shad Report High flows this year have spread out the shad. Best fishing is from a boat to locate schools. Shad are moving up the Sac, Feather, American and Yuba Rivers. Fishing a 225-300 grain fast sink shooting head with Rio’s Grip Shooter running line will hook shad on the swing, stripped in, or jigged off the back of a boat in slower back eddies where shad can find relief from the current. Sacramento River Shad are stretched from Butte City up to Los Molinos. Access at Woodson Bridge, Washout and along River Rd. American River Reports are good from Gristmill to the mouth. Look for slower water where shad can get a break from these high flows. Yuba River Reports are good below Daguerre Dam. Cold water will keep shad in the system longer than the American and Sacramento Rivers. Access off Hallwood Ave. Feather River A few reports around Shanghai Bend but the best reports are from the Sacramento and Yuba.

WH&WN™ FREE flyfishing report would not be possible without the help of: Craig Nielsen/Shasta Trout Guide Service, Jordan Romney (Putah Fly Fishing Guide), Victor Babbit/Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters/Tahoe, Jerry/The Troutfitter/Mammoth Lakes, Ted Fay Flyshop/Dunsmuir, Greg/Sweeny’s sport shop, Andy/Kiene's Fly Shop/Sacramento, Richard Hardy-Davis report, Ken’s Sporting Goods/Scott Freeman-EW report. Special thanks to all the WH&WN™ subscribers who have submitted their fishing reports for the fisheries listed in WH&WN, you help keep us honest, accurate, and up-to-date.

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